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Gantry Cranes that are mainly used to handle heavy load containers. Extensively used in covered as well as in open areas, gantry cranes can be assembled as per the application requirements at the clients end. Gantry cranes are highly suitable for overhead material handling of varied capacities. Our cranes are provided with a main girder that is mounted on two A-shape columns, which rest on wheel mounted end carriages.

A gantry crane or portal crane has a similar mechanism supported by uprights, usually with wheels at the foot of the uprights allowing the whole crane to traverse. Some portal cranes may have only a fixed gantry, particularly when they are lifting loads such as railway cargoes that are already easily moved beneath them.

A gantry crane design usually has two upright beams and a crossbar, which often makes it multifunctional. Normally you would be jobs in these cranes used in production, where they used to move large construction cranes parts. These also find use in camp settings. In warehouses, they are used to move heavy loads from one place to another.


  • Construction sites
  • Ports and harbors
  • Workshops where existing columns cannot bear the wheel loads of a bridge crane
  • Workshops with low roof tie height that might restrict the height of lift of a regular bridge crane
  • Locations where bay lengths are excessive
  • Locations where bay lengths do not remain constant
  • Sites / projects where the crane itself needs to be relocated from one place to another
  • Locations where loads are to be shifted from points outside the crane span as in the case of an overhang on either side of the rails


  • ¬†Mobility: Unlike other types of cranes, gantry cranes are easily movable.They can be used to displace goods from any location to any other location.
  • ¬†Inexpensive: They also prove to be inexpensive as compared to other types.This is especially true for those areas where goods need not be lifted frequently.
  • Heavy weight lifting capacity: Gantry cranes generally have a lot of capacity to lift heavy goods.They can lift goods as weighty as five tons.
  • Displace goods from heights to heights: Gantry cranes can lift goods and place them high up to any location. Their heights can also be adjusted.
  • Polyurethane gantry crane parts: Polyurethane is generally used in the rolling wheels of cranes for ease in movement..


25/50 Tonnes Double Girder Gantry Crane

25/50 tonnes

12 mtr. Between Center to Center of Rail Line

6 mtr.

Floor operated

8 To 10 mtr. /min

2 HP

20 HP

2 to 3 mtr./min.

2 HP

8 to 10 mtr./ min.