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This is the fixed plant for squaring the blocks of granite and other similar type of stone with diamond wire. After cutting has been started the machine can work without an operator since the down feed control is automatic and safety device will stop the machine in case of break of wire. The machine uses large flywheels thus reducing wire fatigue and allowing the wire to rotate on its own axis during cutting, this in turn prevents the diamond beads from developing an oval shape due to uneven wear. The hydraulic tensioning of wire prevent vibrations of wire thus increasing the accuracy of cutting. The rigidity of the structure together with the down feed control system and the absence of vibration allows the machine to produce surfaces of the maximum precision and planarity. There is possibility of using the diamond wire in length of 18,19 meter, thanks to the take up device on the tensioning flywheel. The machine can be operated on variable speeds as per the hardness of stone.


● Revolving trolley.
● Cutting feed with A.C. Drive.
● Control of flywheel motor by means of A.C. Drive; this allows for slow starting and the possibility of matching the linear speed of the wire to the type of material being cut.



3HP (DC)

2 HP (DC)

18 mtrs.

24 mtrs./sec.


VERT.& HORZ. ( four side)

76 m.m./ minute 15′.Hour

2000mm X 4300mm

(6.5′ X 14′)