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Diamond Wire Saws designed for underwater cutting of horizontal or vertical pipe. Utilizing a wire cutting element infused with industrial diamonds, these newest generation saws cut quickly and resist the compressive forces that tend to stall or bind conventional machines. DWS saws are ideal for cutting through dissimilar materials such as grout and steel found on multi-string casings.

The standard DWS Diamond Wire Saw series is designed for shallow water operation, with options for diver control or topside remote control. They’re the only machines of their type with a self-adjusting , auto feed system that controls wire bend, automatically matching the feed rate to the cutting rate. Their unique hydrodynamic design requires less power due to the dramatically reduced centrifugal forces during operation .

The newest DWDWS series (Deep Water Diamond Wire Saw), blue in color, include flotation, controls and power connections designed for ROV use in deepwater repair and maintenance activities. The ROV Diamond Wire Saw is a ROV deployed saw for specialized operations.


DWC produces less kerf and wasted materials compared to solid blades . On very expensive materials, this could save hundreds or thousands of dollars of waste. Unlike slurry saws that use bare wire and contain the cutting material in the cutting fluid, DWC uses only water or some fluid to lubricate, cool the cut, and remove debris. On some materials DWC may not need water or cutting fluid, thus leaving a clean dry cut.


Using diamond wire for cutting does have the problem of being less robust (snapping when fatigued, bent, jammed or tangling) than solid cutting blades and possibly more dangerous because when the wire breaks it can whip. Because of the unique nature of DWC, most saws are expensive and are tailor made to handle Diamond Wire. Commercial saws that utilize solid blades can be augmentented with diamond dust blades and thus may be more economical to operate in some areas.


20 to 60 HP

1 HP


25 To 40 mtrs./sec.