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Gang Saw Machine is a new generation technology with reduced operational and maintenance cost. Diamond gang saws are designed for the three types of machines of the market: single saws, vertical multiple gang saws and horizontal multiple gang saws.

The design of this particular machine is a result of years of enterprise and research to find a solution for higher production and cutting sawing cost to a considerable extent. This new innovation would not only provide owners a cutting edge over their competitors but also generate higher profits.

It is designed for cutting marbles, sandstones, siliceous sandstones, etc. The blond and the diamond get adapted to the material and the machine. An accurate assembly and tensioning of the gang saws ensures a high quality and the cutting speed as well as a high performance required.

Heavy Duty Gang Saw Machine that is specially designed by our expert engineers keeping in mind varied requirements of our esteemed clients. The Gang Saw Machine Equipment offered by us are fabricated using wear resistant spares and are equipped with latest technology, which make them best available option in the market.

The gang saw unit price is higher than other fin types (such as skived, folding, interlocking, stacking and extrusion). The advantage of using gang saw (using a band of many saw blades to cut at the same time from stock material) method can achieve the ultimate cooling efficiency but on the other hand also produce a higher scrap rate during the manufacturing process, so the unit price is somewhat higher.

Main Components

  • Trolley Lift System
  • Rail Lines
  • Handles
  • Blade Spaces
  • Mechanical Saw Blade Stretcher
  • Electric Control Panel
  • Necessary Safety Devices
  • Optional Accessories
  • One extra trolley
  • Electric motors
  • Diamond segmented blades
  • Water- pump with pipelines
  • V. Belts


70 Blades



100 to 105 Rpm


10 ton/blade


To & Fro only

150 HP

35 Ton (Approx)

200mm to 400mm

10 Hp

2HP Equipped with safety device,Control with safety device

upward & Downward

11450mm X 4200mm

3000mm X 1800mm X 1650mm